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TVXQ Comm Rules/Guidelines

General Posting Guidelines:

1) Do not make posts where you have no content and merely link to shareable content located elsewhere, where joining is required to view (this includes personal journals, other communities AND forums). If you are linking to shareable content located elsewhere, that content must be accessible at all times. If it is going to be locked at any point in time, you must post it directly in the comm.

2) Do not disable comments at any time. If you feel that comments need to be disabled, please PM a mod for a "go-ahead" before posting.

3) Please tag all of your posts correctly. If you are confused as to how to tag your post, either PM a mod, or indicate in your post that you need a little bit of guidance. We will be happy to help you :)

4) Be respectful to fellow members and mods. We are all here to have fun, so anything wanky or promoting wank, including hate memes, is not permitted in the community. Also be mindful of how you state an opinion. If you do not like something, that's fine, but don't make an entry and be hateful or disrespectful, so that someone else who feels differently won't feel offended. A simple "I don't like it" will do, don't go overboard.

5) Keep all font colours, sizes, and types to their default setting. The default setting may not be the prettiest, but it is easy to read, and we want to keep it that way. Any posts not following this rule will be immediately deleted. Translators will be allowed to make their notes in different colors, provided the colors are reasonable (read: no bright yellows or lime greens).

6) Please place any large images (over 600px wide), multiple embedded videos, or blocks of text behind an lj-cut. Don't know how to cut? Click here to learn how.

7) If you are posting an article or news story, please ensure that it is from a credible source. Posting rumors, other hearsay, and unconfirmed news is frowned upon unless there is genuine reason to believe that it may be true.

8) If you are posting an article, news story, translation, video, picture, etc. from an outside source, please be sure to include all appropriate credits. Also, before posting material from another fansite, ensure that it is allowed to be taken out.

9) NO HOTLINKING - this includes material from other fansites as well as material within the comm that is posted by other users.

10) All new posts are set to friends only by default. Please do not change this default setting as we want to keep all posts members only.

Special Posting Guidelines:

Pairings: Any material suggesting sexual/romantic relationships between the members of TVXQ is to be posted in communities specific to that pairing. Please refrain from posting any here, as this comm is pairing neutral.

Polls: Posting of polls (ie: "Who is your favourite member?" "Who is the best singer?") is not permitted in the community.

Voting Posts: Only promote voting if it is for a credible awards show (ie: MKMF). If it is a "general opinion" poll on another website (ie: Yahoo Japan), please refrain from posting it on the comm.

Projects: Community projects will only be announced by the maintainers. If you wish to suggest any project or activity for the comm, please contact one of the mods.

When Posting Media:

1) No more than 1 song may be shared at one time from a single with 1-3 songs, no more than 2 from a single with 4 or more.

2) No more than 3 songs may be shared from an album at any time.

3) When sharing files from official dvds or commercial photobook/storybook vcds, please use discretion - do not post more than 50% of the material at any time.

4) When sharing scans from magazines, it is up to you how much you post. Please state the magazine, and place images under an lj-cut.


Graphics: Please direct all graphics posts to the community for dbsk graphics (whenever it gets made, we will edit this post with the name).

Fanfiction and Fanart: All fanfiction, fanart, and fanvideos (with the exception of fancams) are to be posted in [community profile] dbskfanworks.

If at any time you disagree with a mod decision, or have any other concerns regarding the community, feel free to contact any one of the mods. Your mods for the Dreamwidth DBSK community are: [personal profile] changmin, [personal profile] yoochun and [personal profile] koreans. You can reach all of us at the mod email (tvxqmods@gmail.com) or you can private message one of us, at any time. :)))

credit for the rules goes to [livejournal.com profile] dbsg, our sister community over at livejournal.

Last Updated: May 02, 2009

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